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I have found from my own personal experience that my disorganization largely came from operating in fear.  Much of that fear showed up in operating guarded, disconnected with others, me largely reacting to behaviors and reactions of others.   The more I reacted and operated in fear, my disorganization grew. 

I have a gift in assisting others stuck in a similar overwhelm for whatever the reason, to bring quick relief and sanity to chaos.   I consider this type of organizing a healing modality, keeping you clear on your vision, challenging you to get past clinging emotionally to belongings.   As I know such sentimentality is subtly destroying your life, it is the same sentimentality and indecision that you bring to your relationships and life, lacking boldness. 

I listen to understand how you uniquely operate in your space, what you "really" use and how often you use it for optimal placement.   We get everything into logical groupings and official homes that makes sense.  I am NOT a Martha Stewart organizer or perfectionist, I am all about bringing a sense of normalcy and high functionality to those who are buried to some degree in their disorganization. 

I am practical, rarely do we ever need to buy supplies unless putting in a new paper filing system.   I find most who have been disorganized for more than five years have more than enough containers freed as we sort through belongings stashed in containers. 

While working together, we become a team.  You learn habits to stay organized.   What makes me unique is that I was highly highly disorganized, I understand the world of people I work with, including shame and relationship drama.  We quickly connect and become a team, as we get to know and understand each other. 

The secret to get and stay organized is to get free of being reactive, calm & powerful.  Getting your home and work place organized yields huge relief in ending chaos. 

My specialty, having a strong programming, systems background is designing paperwork systems, a pain point for many.  When your paperwork system is in place and a few structures on your phone, your life comes under welcomed control. 

I recommend working for a few days at a time together to transform your space after you have gone through the "Creating Amazing Relationships" program.   It gives an opportunity to also tighten communication skills working together. 

As you are reading this, I want to high light there are two obstacles for most folks buried in some disorganization:   1.) the belief they should be able to do it themselves like they need to prove it to themselves they can do it, the lone wolfer types who have trouble with harmonious teamwork  OR the opposite of this   2.)  expecting someone to show they love you by taking care of you, resenting paying to get help.   If either of these struck a nerve, I invite you to discover the power of making a  commitment, putting financial skin in the game for your life to work. 

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