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  1. Heal your Brain.  Get your brain right and everything else will follow.  Psychiatric problems are proven to be brain problems.  These do not get resolved by taking a psychiatric pill and clinging to the idea we have something wrong with us or have a mental illness.  (End of Mental Illness, healing all 7 forms of attention deficit), 

  2. Value staying calm and powerful above all else.  Learn to manage your emotions and thoughts to stay out of fight/flight/freeze mode.  

  3. Organization – Find a home for all your belongings and simple systems for planning and managing tasks. 

  4. The Power of Calm.  Recognizing when you are not calm is your point of power to consciously, mindfully transform situations.  When we are not calm (fight/flight/freeze) we repel others and are ineffective in communication.  Many in chaos have no experience of what peace to know when they are not there.  

  5.  Interpersonal Skills - Learning how to get past upsets and connect with others is key for transformation.   Breaking the habit of merely reacting, which is human, to connecting.  Here is a great video that shows how relationships regulate our nervous system (click here).   How to improve relationships, by Dr. John Gottman relationship researcher.  
  6. Strengthen parasympathetic nervous system (opposite of sympathetic nervous system - fight/flight/freeze)  

    1. Rule out underlying medical conditions - Vitamin & mineral deficiencies (B12, calcium, magnesium & zinc) commonly add to anxiety, as well as thyroid problems. People operating in overwhelm tend to eat poorly adding to this.  

    2. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) -  You can jump to 20 min on this video for the meat of it. 

    3. Safety - We must create safety to begin to get out of the fight/flight/freeze state.  If you are physically being threatened, remove yourself to safety, reach out to domestic abuse services for support.

    4. Heart Coherence - Greg Bradden 

    5. CBDAshwagandha  and Addrenal support supplements.  Click the links to read on each.  CBD dosing.  

    6. Deep Diaphramatic Breathing

    7. Meditation (meditation to specifically strengthen parasympatethic nervous system

  7. The power of connecting with our feelings and expanding our emotions.  When we keep avoiding dealing with our feelings we either numb out , experiencing shallow relationships, avoid, or keep reacting -> left unchecked these lead to depression or addictions to cope.   Learning to connect to your feelings, understand them and express vulnerably what is going on, learning to ask for what you need clearly instead of reacting, complaining and making others wrong is the path to happy, fulfilling life.   Learning to be introspective and communicate clearly with others, knowing they are also doing their best, creates friendships that are alive and grow.   Reactive folks, tend to attract reactive folks, we get out of hell together, by learning to love each other.

My passion is being a facilitator for individuals, groups and families showing how to move from the reactive mind, to our Sane mind, operating with greater love.  Teaching how to work with the chart I share and take responsibility for interrupting reactions allowing love and connections to flow, learning how to empower and support each other.

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